Multichannel Video Installation  /2014

      If we were supposed to choose a photograph or a word concerning life, what would we choose? What would we choose when we try to summarize our own lives especially only with such one photo or one word? This video installation work named “SELF” has been inviting us to an adventure to pursue precisely the answers to these questions. An odyssey to our self. A journey, which will help to find the answer to the question of what life, would be in its simplest form. Actually the work does not, in these meaning, aims at telling about lives unknown to it. The work aims at directing its audience by empathy to their “Self” life adventures. An adventure to discover how much the words and photographs have an impact on our lives. Consequently, the video installation work named “SELF” has been created in the direction of the choices of the subject person of the work and each video in this work generated its “Self” story. Lives different from each other but living together.

      For example; Ms. Nilgün in her video installation work i named “Spring Sprouts” chose the photo of her while having radio therapy in 2011 and “spring sprouts” as words depicting her life. In fact, this personal preference was about the traumatic process of her life. Her sickness, emerging just in the time when she had thought everything in her life was sound and tranquil, permanently changed her viewpoint of the World. Ms. Nilgün was describing the result of the experience she had lived through as “ I have no corners anymore, I am in the seasoned transitions “ In the video work installation named “Spring Sprouts” it has been tried to depict the transition between those two life periods

      In the other video work Installation named “Unity”, Ms. Hülya chose “unity” as the word and a photo of her together with her mother to depict her life. As Ms. Hülya, her life carrying similarities with that of her mother’s shows the impact of the lives of our family members on our lives. In other words, just like her mother, she got married, she was left alone, was forced to shoulder all the family responsibilities and struggled to keep the family in unity. In this meaning, the portrait of Ms. Hülya changed places with the portrait of her mother in the video work named “Unity”. Was Hülya Hanım holding herself in her arms able to live her own life or she has lived a life cycle associated with that of her mother? The other video installation works have the same editing form with that of “SELF” video installation work since they all were formed as the result of such similar life processes. As a result, the video installation work has been edited by using digital frames and monitors enabling them to be hanged up on wall surfaces.



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